What’s the point of having the upper hand
when you had to break fingers to get it?

Isn’t it funny?
We’ll step on the backs of friends
just to keep our own shoes clean.
Yet we could easily preserve our soles
and our souls
with one side step

The same amount of effort
and yet we choose

What’s the point of having the upper hand
when the fingers point at you?


Meeting you was like winning the lottery,

The surreal moment where too good to be true
Meets here and now.
Where it’s never going to happen to me
Meets never say never.

My first thought was not
what to buy or where to go.
My first feeling was not disbelief
Or elation or joy at all.

In fact,
I was scared and mad and torn
And damning my fortunate luck.
My first thought as a wealthy woman
Was wishing I picked different numbers.

Meeting you was like winning the lottery,
But I know my tendency for squandering riches.

A promise to myself…

Write the way you think: sporadically, suddenly & often.

Write the way you feel: intensely, extremely & honestly.

Write the way you learn: slowly at first, then all at once & never stopping.

Write the way you love: with your whole being, from the inside out & meaningfully.

Write the way you live: honestly, fairly, & fully.

Write the way you breathe: constantly, to sustain life, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes gasping or reaching but sometimes controlled and deliberate, sometimes quietly but sometimes too intense to silence…

Just promise me you’ll write.