Excerpt from a short story I’m working on

This is a line from a short story that will hopefully come together soon. Anyone else find it easier to write in moments or short scenes than an overall story line?

Anyway… turning A Winter Scene into a real story, and here’s a little more insight into the main character. She says:

I didn’t fall for him in the sweeping, dramatic way they show in movies. I didn’t have a fireworks show in my chest or an “Aha” moment where suddenly I was head over heels.

For me, it was different. It wasn’t a feeling, but an absence of feeling. For the first time in my life, anxiety didn’t third wheel. I didn’t feel stupid after everything I said, I didn’t keep my phone in my hand eager for a text, and I didn’t lose sleep wondering if this was going to happen.

The absence of everything I hated about myself, became all of the things I began to love about him.